USY Delegation Attended SEAMEO RIHED’s 60th Anniversary Celebrations and Gala Dinner

2019/11/13 10:22:26

Vice President Zoe Che brought the delegation from USY attending the SEAMEO RIHED’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the RIHED’s SEA-HiEd Expo and following Gala Dinner on 11th of November on behalf of USY, and Professor Lu Dan, the president of USY, as the co-organizer of the Gala Dinner. 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of the Regional Centre for Higher Education and Development (RIHED) now under the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and the 10th anniversary of SEAMEO RIHED’s flagship Asian International Mobility for Students (AIMS) Programme. To commemorate this important milestone, SEOMEO RIHED is organising a special Southeast Asian Higher Education (SEA-HiEd) Week from 11-15 November 2019 at Bangkok, Thailand. Over 200 invited senior government officials, representatives of Embassies as well as representatives of higher education institutions joined and celebrated this event. USY is the only Chinese higher education institution represents China to attend this event.


         Vice President of USY Zoe Che in VIP Group Photo of the Anniversary Ceremony

After the flags marching, along with the SEAMEO’s song performance, videos on RIHED’s history and development and AIMS 10-year flashback has been presented. Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond, the programme director of SEAMEO RIHED extended a welcome speech in the anniversary celebration. Ms. Sujatanond expresses her profound gratitude to attendants who collaborates with them and makes the significant 60th anniversary milestone in SEAMEO RIHED’s history comes true. She points out the core approach in higher education has remained steady: to advance cooperation, alignment and the development of higher education systems in the region of Southeast Asia and beyond. 


                        Vice President of USY Zoe Che with Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond, 

                                       the Programme Director of SEAMEO RIHED


                                                   Delegation of USY with RIHED


         Delegation of USY with Deputy Director of Higher Education Department of Malaysia


               Vice President Zoe Che Introduced USY with Malaysian Scholars in USYs Expo Booth

Professor Dr. Wichit Srisa-an, former Minister of Education of Thailand extended an opening speech to congratulates on the RIHED’s 60th birthday and the success of extraordinary accomplishment in the past six decades. Mr. Srisa-an appreciates what RIHED has done to connect regional and global partners in higher education in celebrating achievements in this platform and drawing new interests for the future of higher education in the region of Southeast Asia and globally.


                                      Vice President Zoe Che extended remarks on behalf of USY and 

                                                  President Lu Dan during the Gala Dinner

Vice President of USY Zoe Che brought the delegation of University of Sanya attending the SEAMEO RIHED’s 60th anniversary Gala Dinner as the co-organizer. Ms. Zoe Che extended remarks on behalf of USY and Professor Lu Dan, the president of USY, in the Gala Dinner. Ms. Che sincerely congratulates the important milestone RIHED has achieved and expresses the wonderfulness to be with so many like-minded friends who shared same vision in higher education development. Ms. Che quotes Abraham Lincoln’s remarks—RIHED as an organization, is of the community, by the community and for the community in this context, to thanks RIHED practicing in playing the role as a higher education partner, a coordinator, a facilitator and a pioneer. Ms. Che introduced representative majors of University of Sanya and the optimistic future of Sanya which locates the future free trading zone and free trading port under the Chinese government’s immediate planning, as well as the convenient location get access to Asian countries. Furthermore, Vice President Zoe Che thanks Dr. Chantavit Sujatanond’s efficient and professional team with persevering beliefs and global vision to take the initiatives launching the ACAPHEI (ASEAN-China Alliance of Private Higher Education Institutions), jointly organized two forums with USY and will work together to host the third forum in the upcoming December in USY. Ms. Zoe Che warmly welcome everyone attends this gala dinner to the upcoming forum and distributes invitations afterwards.


        Ms. Zoe Che and Mr. Yu Xuzhong Friendly Communicate with Senior Government Officials, and

       Representatives of  Higher Education Institutions from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam

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